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Teta`s (grandma`s) is a family run authentic Lebanese restaurant in Sydney north shore. We had the pleasure of enjoying our Teta`s delicious and authentic Lebanese food for many years just like every generation before us. With memories of full tables of food and stuffed bellies its our pleasure to introduce to you Teta`s authentic Lebanese restaurant in Sydney  where will share with you the best of our familys authentic Lebanese cuisine right here in Sydney. 

Using recipes that have been passed down from one generation to the next, we get to provide you with one of the worlds oldest and greatest cuisines. Using locally sourced seasonal produce and imported ingredients from lebanon we aim to replicate our authentic lebanese cuisine right here for all of sydney to enjoy.

Our Chefs have a wide experience in the culinary art of authentic Lebanese restaurants around the globe and Sydney, and so they are committed to produce the best of authentic Lebanese food in our Lebanese restaurant in Sydney, carrying on our family tradition.

Tradition is strong within lebanese culture and the tradition of bringing the family together over food is one of the most important so we look forward to bringing you a truly authentic lebanese experience one that our Teta would have been proud of.


consistently the best lebanese banquet in australia